May 21, 2007
I was riding my bike yesterday when the bike suddenly stopped with no warning. I took it apart that night and realized, the piston had some scrape marks and the rod had some up/down play (I heard it's not suppose to). I also found that on the right side of the rod there are some heat marks that indicate something got hot and maybe over heated cause the seizure. Either way, I am pricing out Crankshafts and for some reason Weisco and Hot Rods do not make an aftermarket crank for the 98 RM year.....? Is this true, do i have to have the crank rebuilt or buy an OEM one? Please let me know, thanks.


Apr 26, 2007
I just went thru this with my '00 RM 250. Unfortunately, Weisco and Hot Rods don't carry rebuilt units. They do offer aftermarket rods and bearings though. A new OEM crank for my bike was over $350. :yikes: I picked one up on Fleabay for $232. I did contact Eric Gorr who had a Hot Rod kit in his garage sale. This was his reply:

Sorry I sold it but my friend Ryan from Finishline Engines offers crank rebuilds with parts for $125
His number is 1-920-382-2897

Give Finishline a call.

Marc -
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