Jul 31, 2000
I am possibly looking for an engine for my truck. It's a 90 Chevy with a 350 in it. It has 250.000 miles on it and still runs good, but who knows for how long. I am trying to plan ahead. What should an engine cost? While I am at it, I might look for a tranny too.

I know, I should get a new truck, but this one is in incredible shape, new paint job and all.


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Mar 7, 2000
You can always go with a Goodwrench crate 350/330horse motor for around $2000.00. Having your rebuilt from a respectable shop could cost that, plus it'll still be a 250,000 mile block. Goodwrench crate motors come with a 36mnt/50,000 mile warranty. 'Course if you know how to rebuild yourself, you'll save a bundle on rebuilding the old block. The only thing out of your hands is the acid wash, deck checking, runouts, and such. You can also have them rebuild the shortblock. You can get Shortblock 350 5.7L for around $295.00 or Longblock 350's for around $640.00 plus core
Tranny is about the same. The turbo 350/700R4 isn't a hard trans to rebuild at all, but you have to be meticulous about cleanliness.
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Aug 2, 2000
Originally posted by yarbonwick
. . . but you have to be meticulous about cleanliness.
The understatement of the year . . .;)

The bad thing is finding a "reputable" tranny shop--they seem to be good at honking a guy!

The Goodwrench crate engine may be a better (and easier) idea than the short- or long-block, since you may be running back and forth to the parts store getting the stuff to make the new one fit. All that stuff'll be on the crate engine.

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Mar 23, 2000
I'm in the same boat. My 1990 Chevy finally gave up at 219,000 (I overheated the engine with a hole in the radiator).

I have already put a new "SERTA" GM rebuilt transmission in ($1600) and a rebuilt rear end ($1400 with new limited slip diff). That kind of makes me commited to rebuilding the engine, 'cuz I'll never be able to recoup the money I've spent by selling it.
Jun 25, 2000
I think the Goodwrench motor is the way to go as long as a stock replacement is used. The stock fuel injection will not support any of the high performance crate motors that are sold under the GMPP name. The 330 horse vortec, ZZ4, 383 vortec will all require more fuel and air to run properly. Custom programming and different fuel delivery systems will be needed. I have a 91 GMC C1500 reg. cab shortbed with a older ZZ3 345 horse crate motor. In order to keep the cost of the conversion down, I used a 700cfm Holley Projection throttle body with a custom chip. This set up let me use my existing wiring harness and was a plug in. I had to switch to a 5.7 truck computer. My truck was originally equipped with a 4.3. It was set up by Howell Engine Developement (the injection that is) in Michigan. A nice combination for a stock rebuild would be a new 5.7 shortblock, Vortec heads and GMs new tbi Vortec head manifold. Possibly about 20 ft lbs more torque and 20 or so more hp's. Emissions legal too!

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