Jan 3, 2004
Got the kids Honda dirt bikes for Christmas. 6 yr. old son got a 50 and 12 yr old daughter got a 100. I can ride the 100 good, but want to get some for us that you can ride on road too. Man at dealership told us about the 230. He said you could buy a kit to go on it for that purpose. He said the only thing is--you might have a problem getting a tag for it. Another thing--I got on the 230 & my big toe barely touched the ground. I'm 5'5 & 120 lbs. This bothers me! Anyone have this bike that's around my size? I sure would have to buy it & can't maneuver it! Or, what would you suggest? DH is a firm believer in Honda. He had 4 growing up. We took the kids to a track yesterday, thinking it was just a dirt bike track for the family--maybe Ricky Carmichael's family, LOL! Anyway--I did it--although I'm not promising how many times I was in the air! I've never ridden one before. Growing up we had scooter motorcycles--Mom wouldn't let us have dirt bikes. Now mom can't say that! ROFL!


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Jul 16, 2000
If it's dual sporting your wanting to do, mabey a KLX or DRZ would be better. No offense but a CRF 230 is a complete pig, plain and simple it has no guts and is no fun to ride because you have to make it try to move itself. But if it's dualsporting you want the Suzuki DRZ or Kawi KLX that are already set up for the that, would be good bikes. And if your buying new, brand won't matter when it come to lasting the longest.


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Jun 8, 2003
I (re)started riding on a Yamaha XT225 about 18-months ago. It is a road-legal dualsport bike. It is a great fire road bike (and for trips for icecream). I have even done (small) jumps on the XT but do not really recommend it as it will bottom out easily. The reason I mention it is that my wife rides a TTR125LE and they both have the same seat height - however the TTR is much less weight (check yamaha site for comparison). Note that the TTR is not street legal out of the box - you will have to do mods and then try to get it to pass in your state.

I am about 6' and weigh about 180-lbs - way over limit for TTR but ok on XT. My wife is about 5'8" and weighs about 140 and will not ride the XT - but loves the TTR (with the E button) - her first bike!

I would characterize them as: the XT is good transportation and can ride on trails -- the TTR is a hoot to ride in the woods but would be greatly underpowered on the road.
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