Tom F

Sep 11, 2006
I am getting ready to do my first service on a new 400 EXC. Does anybody have some tips on adjusting the values to make it easy. It looks like you need to remove the radiators and take off the skid plate to get at all the items to adjust valves correctly. Any comments welcomed. Thanks.

Tom F

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002

I will get Grady to stop by this thread. He keeps telling me how easy it is and I need to pay attention asI have a 400 that could use a bit of TLC ...


Oct 19, 2000
I have had good luck in using the '1/6 turn out on the adjuster method'. The hardest part is finding TDC AFTER the intake stroke. Then you lightly seat the slotted adjuster on top of each valve, then line up a castle on the nut with the adjuster slot, and make a mark on the surrounding head material, where the adjuster slot would be, when backed off 1/6 of a turn. The nut has 6 points, so line it up and use one point. Back off the adjuster, tighten up, go to next valve. Sounds tricky, but has worked for me. I got this method on KTMTalk, you might search there also.

Warning, if you don't get the proper TDC, this method will not work.
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