Apr 27, 2007
Hey all, my name is Mike and I just signed up today. I am 27 years old and from Toledo Ohio.

I started riding "toys" when I was about 5. My old man bought me an Arctic Cat Kitty Kat sled and it was all downhill from there. Over the coarse of my life I have owned quite a few things including, sleds, quads, jet skis and even a few ATC's. One thing missing from my stable over time has been a bike. I've never "owned" one.

My first order of buisness for coming here is to get some opinions on a question that's been bugging me. I'd love to get a thumper, but can't afford the price tag. I'm left with either getting a 125 or 250 2-stroke.

What would you recommend? I'm 5'11" and go about 185lbs. I've ridin bikes before and would feel comfortable on a 125. But, I don't wanna ride it one season and "outgrow it". At the same time, I don't wanna get a 250 and feather foot around on it fouling plugs left and right. The one time I did ride a 250, when the powerband came into effect, I almost shat myself.

I plan on riding trails. I don't plan hitting up and race tracks. I just want something that A: I won't outgrow, B: won't scare the poo out of me, C: reliable to ride in tech. stuff at lower speeds.

Sorry to make this a novel, but I hope to put my mind to rest.


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