Oct 1, 2007
Ok I Am Brand New To Dirt Bikes. I was hoping my friends could teach me some stuff about them . Ok so I thought I would get on here just read for couple weeks then ask questions well I do not want to ask questions that are pointless people already told me less writing more reading. Well I do not know what the words mean. Is there something that like goes from the basic to the advance stuff so I could learn about them that is online? or any basic information would help about parts n stuff. Any sites?

I seen a bunch of sites but they only have the difficult stuff.

Please post the direct link or very clear instructions

Thank You

I would love to see a picture of a dirtbike with the parts label or something like that.

I have tryed google this stuff I came up empty.


Jun 24, 2007
Here are two threads that asked a question not unlike your own. One is fairly long, but chock full of very good sources on information. You can print the information out, as well.



Learn to use the search function to answer whatever question pops into your head.

My suggestion would be to follow your interest areas in learning the things you are most interested in- whether it be about racing, trail riding, or exhaust systems, spark plugs or what have you. Your internet fingers are standing in the middle of a working library. Hunt around. You'll start absorbing stuff before you know it! Good Luck.
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