New Off Road DVD!!!


All you off road junkies need to pick up this new DVD: MonsterMoto ONE. It's about an hour of the best off road video you'll see this side of MotoHead 1. It is professionally produced, shot in a widescreen format with none of the annoying metal music, MTV cuts and special effects so prevalent in many moto videos. This is a film, a movie really that is very, very well done.

The video is centered around the WORCs series and the Honda effort in Baja and has some amazing riding footage. Ty, Destry, the Pearsons, Campbell, Hengeveld, Hatch and many others are shown doing what they do so well - riding really fast.

I think it just came out so it may not be available in stores yet, but you can order it like I did off their website,

Oh, and I have absolutely no financial interest in this production, but I know what a few of my friends will be getting for Christmas this year. Check it out.

Green Horn

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Sounds pretty cool. I'll have to ask Santa for a copy... :)
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It showed up yesterday and of course we had to watch it right away.
Its definitely different from the usual stuff. Personally I still prefer "Time to Ride 1", but its worth watching. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best) I'd give it a 6, with "Time to Ride" being a 8.5


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I checked it out last night :aj: Very cool, good music, lots of action and none of the stupid stuff that makes me cringe like some of the Crusty vids. Since Wolf compared it to TTR1 I guess I will too. TTR1 is still my #1 all time favorite and rate it 9.3 while giving MonsterMoto1 an 8.5

The WORCS footage is awesome. The only part of the whole movie I would have cut would have been watching Campbells kids watching him eat a sandwich :)

Definitely in the top 5 vids I've seen.
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We've now watched it umpteen times. I got told last night "I quite like this video & I like the music". I'd had no feedback before now.

I agree, the sandwich thing seemed pointless.

My favourite part of the whole video is in the wet WORCs race (sorry, can't remember which one it is, but near the end) when you get to see some people grovelling & then the good riders going through like it was nothing (same cut as the kid hiding behind a tree but still getting roosted).

TTR1 is the best, but this beats TTR2 (which in my opinion is not hard, but that has good bits in it too).