Jul 5, 2007
Hey everyone just dropin in to introduce myself. Here goes my story. (kinda long sorry) My name is Ryan and I'm from CT. I used to ride dirt bikes and ATV's in the trails a lot when I was a kid although I never raced. I am 29 years old now soon to be 30 just started my own PC biz about 1 1/2 ago, about 1 year married and expecting a kid in a couple months. As you can see I have a lot on my plate and am about to lose my efen mind. With that said here is how i got here. A good long time friend of mine went and some how came across and older RM 125 for cheap, bought it and quickly called me to get me on board with getting one for myself. I wasn't really sure until I met him down at the trails and took it out for myself. It was the best thing I have done in years. Kind of forgot about other things going on in my life and just concentrated on not killing myself. After about a half hour or so I was much more comfortable and it was almost therapeutic to me. I forgot what the rush was like on a 2 stroke. Now I am 2 weeks in searching for one, but with a new biz a wife and a kid my finances are limited. So i have been combing the internet for older bikes (early to mid 90's) for a fixer upper that i can teach myself how to repair, and i have come across a few. I came to this site when i was searching for top end repair info and buying used bike info and after reading a bunch of posts I decided to post. Hope that wasn't too painful for your eyes.
Well thats it. Sorry again for the excruciating long post.


Apr 28, 2007
New wife, new baby, new business....They say the best things come in threes. Oh no... wait, that's what I say right after I fall down the stairs, followed by getting stitches...and am waiting for the last boot to drop.

You might as well buy a fixer upper. You are never gonna have time to ride anyway! lol jk.

Welcome to your new haven.


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Damn Yankees
Aug 31, 2000
Welcome to DRN.

There is actually a section for riders from the NorthEast. The Damn Yankee Dirt Riders. Once you get a ride, feel free to join us on one of our group rides, or set up a ride and invite us alone.



2-Strokes forever
Jul 3, 1999
Welcome to DRN!

Long posts are fine when they say something, yours did!
don't pay attention the that olderndirtmom person, you will have as much riding time as you make...ok not enough but some anyway :)

Enjoy it when you can though :cool:
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