Oct 11, 2005
I've been trying to sell one of my bikes (I can't say I've tried real hard though...more of a wife thing :blah: ). I'm located in the UP. One is a 2001 KTM 200 MXC $1800 obo. The other one is a 2006 250 XC $3600 obo. I found the power to be very lazy with the green spring in the 250. Might work for a new rider. Let me know if your interested or want more details.


Jul 18, 2001
Kinda funny hearing about Fredette's mom, I talked to her a few years ago, super nice lady.
I am in need of a spark arrestor for this 200, It has some pipe on it that doesnt appear to be a spark arrestor, it is real loud and appears to look like a moto pipe, and someone put a moto pipe on it too.

It needs tires too, thinking s-12s if they make them for that size.
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