New to bikes and everything in genral


Sep 19, 2007
I live in SC and i'm bout to get a bike from my friend. Its an 05 or 06 Suzuki and he said i could have it if i gave him enough money to get his race bike runnin and his quad runnin again. I told him no more then 500 and he said deal cause he really badly wants to get his race bike goin. So i got a really good deal on this. I've been riding alot lately, but i've never owned a bike of my own, i've always used my friends extras. I got a lot of questions and i hope i can get them answered here and thats bout it.

Brad V

Jul 4, 2007
500$ for a 05 or 06 is a steal. hopefully every thing is good on it. but you joined the forum man, so any ?'s just post em and everyone round here will be glad to help ya out.
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