Help New to me 2008 rmz250. Ran great. Now black smoke. Very rich

Fran fraps 88

Sep 11, 2021
Bought bike. First bike. Drove around streets a few times. Over to friends house 10 miles away. Everything was running good. no smoke. Smooth idle. Smooth powerpand. Checked airfilter. Was delaminating and filthy so I ordered new one. Needed to replace throttle cable too. Had hottest summer on record here. 115-120+ degrees. Asume it was hard on parts like air filter. It is cooling now. Changed air filter. Changed throttle cable. I did fiddle with idle adjustment knob not knowing what it was. Was hard to start bike. Idle was low. Bavked it out so far was not even touching throttle body dial. Turned idle up. Started easily.

with every rev it farts black smoke. Harder the rev darker the smoke. Smells very rich. Black Soot on silencer tip. Exhuast pipe temp much much higher than normal. Bike smells like its melting its so hot. Thought was new filter. Bike getting less air. Gave a few revs with air filter off. Still black smoke.

whhhhat could it be. Should I start with adjusting the air fuel screw?
Maybe drop in temps i need to adjust air fuel mix? It did just drop from 90-95 to 70. I dunno. So confused. Bringing it to shop but cant get in til end of month. I really wanna ride this thing.
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