May 18, 2007
supppp, i have a 98 rm125 that i just picked up, ive been wanting a bike or quad all my life and now could finally afford one. I'm new to having my own bike, but ive ridden tons of my friends and all that... I got the bike for $1000 off craigslist and the only problem is the clutch slips and the kickstarter doesnt work, but u can pop the clutch and it runs perfect. The bike came with a ProCircuit R304, pro taper bars, aftermarket carb(cant think of the company), excel rims, and some other little stuff. So im workin on fixing those things, im also ordering a rad valve, FMF Fatty and jetting kit, along with little things like bearings a chain etc. ....soo all in all im pretty excited about the bike and sry for dragging on but yea, thats my story...


2-Strokes forever
Jul 3, 1999
Welcome to DRN, sounds like you have a good start. There is a general bike repair sub-forum for how toos.
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