May 15, 2001
Got back into riding a 3 years ago and bought a xr4. It's been a great bike and with just oil changes has been very reliable.

Last weekend I stoved up the header pipe on some rocks and started to consider some new parts. Went out to stroker (based on a very good experience from my buddy with a klx) and priced out a new fcr carb, header, pipe and hot start. $1020 Decided the new carb would be fun because I've got a problem with the float sticking when wheeling and hitting whoops hard. Yeah, I know a new $500 carb is silly to fix a stuck float, but it works for the wife. :)

Anyhow, after pricing all the gear, decided that maybe a new ride is in order. The wr250 looks attractive and so does a ktm4. Especially like the idea of the magic button due to a lot of removed cartlege in the right knee.

What do you think. Using bike math for the wife I can convince her it's worth buying new, especially since it's 3 years old. She's already used to me buying a new sled every 2 years. On the other hand dialing the xr4 has a nice appeal too. I'm already really happy on the bike and little stealth upgrades could be fun.



Apr 24, 2001
Me personally I like new bike every couple years just to be new and hopefully dependable since I ride alone a lot. Also I believe either bike you are considering would be upgrade in performance over Xr400. Also they are watercooled. I say that knowing there are a lot of 400's out there that I can't keep up with, so XR's do work well. I just like new when I can swing it.

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