Jun 21, 2007
1) your physical size (both height and weight are important) 6ft. & 155 lbs.
2) How physical / aggressive are you ?
Very wild i guess you'd say. :p
3) what do you plan to ride- MX/SX tracks, woods, fields with friends or ?????
A few jumps, dirt roads, fields w/ friends.
4) Do you have any riding experience?
Been riding atvs for 10 yrs and streetbikes for 4 yrs.
5) Do you think you will race ?
Yes!!! Anyone, anywhere, anytime :laugh:
6) Are you mechanically inclined and will you be doing your own bike work?
Somewhat but i have close friends who do it for a living
7) Do YOU have a preferance to a brand/ motor choice (2 or 4 stroke)?
Not really.
8) Do you have a dealer close by your home that you might use and what brand(s) does he carry?
9) How much ($) do you plan to spend on a bike?
Money is not an object. You have to pay for quality.
10) Do you live in California?
No. Why?
11) Your age?
12) anything else that you think would help form an opinion
I know this is my first bike, but i don't want anything to small. i don't want to have to buy another down the rode because i grew out of it.
Thanx guys


Jul 17, 2006
Im thinking defiately a yz250. Plenty of balls, you will learn to work on it well and most of all its bloody fun. You can take it to the bush, trails, jumps and tracks without any troublee, just keep on the pipe.

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