Newbie from VA needs a lil Help - Kx 125 - bored 80 over

Jan 27, 2008
Hello everyone, First off, I think this forum and webpage is awesome, the help that is provided from all you friendly people is better than anything I have ever seen!! (I cant even get my mechanic to help me this much!!). Anyway, I am new to the forum here and was wondering if anyone could help me with my 1996 kx 125 - bored 80 over - MX ready! I am in the process of rebuilding the motor and figured I would try to diagnose the problem berfore/during the teardown. The guy I purchased this bike from said the last time he rode the motor just gave out (stopped running) and then he tried to start it again and it wouldnt so he had to push it back home - then it comes to me! Yes there was gas (mixed ratio 32:1), oil on tranny, and spark..all have been checked. I did remove the top end to expose the piston and crank rod and noticed a little black oil on the piston and very little carbon buildup on the head, could this mean something or is this normal? If your crank seals are bad, will it produce a large amount of oil to buildup in the crank case, or would it just be a small amount? This motor is bored @ 80 over, is there anything I should look for particular as I am taking it apart? Any information anyone can give is greatly appriciated as this is only the 3rd motor I have rebuilt (1st kawi though). Thanks alot and please respond with anything u may think is helpful......If anyone is in the VA area (Middle Peninsula) and willing to take a look that is also greatly appriciated!! thanks to u all!!
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