Feb 13, 2007
I'm not so new to this site actually. I have been a member for a while, but I just recently got back on and found my username and pw.

I have always been interested in MX and dirt bikes, but I have never been able to get one. I have ridden four-wheelers since I was 5 years old.

Now, I am closer than ever to getting my bike and being freeee. :)

I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and compliment this great online community. I have been a member of other forums where flaming and name calling is pretty much the only thing you can get.
This place seems awesome and everyone is nice and seems willing to help a fellow rider out. After I purchase my bike and get back on my feet money wise I definitely plan on subscribing. (I just got my Visa Check card! :laugh: )

As I mentioned, I don't have my bike yet, but when I get it I'll be looking for a riding buddy in the Houston, TX area. For MX and trails. :cool:

Keep Riding and Thanks for the awesome site!!



2-Strokes forever
Jul 3, 1999
Welcome to DRN, hope the bike shopping goes well. :cool:

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Welcome to DRN and as Kevin said ... good luck with the bike shopping.
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