Jun 13, 2007
Meet other local Dirt Biker Enthusiasts. All fans, racers, etc. are welcome to join!
Our group is a riding group for younger kids and their parents, it was started by my 10yo son, and I. We are big birt bike fans and riders, we are always looking for others to ride with. My son is on a Suzuki JR80, or his Yamaha PW80.
I ride a 90 DR250 or a 73 TS250r depending on how my fancy strikes.
We like to ride:
local out of the back of my shop in hudson.
concord at clough state park
windham depot, if we have to
hennecker (sp?),NH a secret place
berlin, NH we love it there
or cannan the race track or a little AVT park we found where you can camp and ride for $20/day.

Let us know your favorite place to ride we love new places.
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