Aug 30, 2005
AS you can see i have a yz 426 F 2000 model. I recently went to go start it after taking part of the top end off to view the cams to make sure everything was still clean and looking good and it won't kick over.

I replaced everything correctly and it looks like i have a good seal (although I did not replace the gaskets) but now i don't have any compression when i go to start it. Sounds great and all but i have a decompression lever on there for some reason. I'm wondering what are some very generic problems for why a bike would have no compression.

Also i used to be able to hold in my clutch when my bike was in gear and push it around but now i can't do that. Is my clutch gone? It's got almost no play in the clutch so i know it SHOULD be catching but it seems like it's not engaging as I can't push it around with the clutch engaged while it's in gear.

So any thoughts on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


Check the comp. release adjustment. More likely, you have a shim out of its location under a bucket holding a valve open causing the no compression.

The clutch thing is normal. There are several other threads here explaining it.
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