May 19, 2001
Just got back from a ride and my friends 91 200 is crapping out. The first part of the ride the bike was working flawlessly. The bike has a pc pipe, reeds and stock silencer, jetting i'm not sure.... The problem comes and goes. The bike has no power when opened up especially a WOT. We changed the plug 2 times just incase the first new plug was faulty ( YOU NEVER KNOW). The bike still had no top end. Almost like it was starving for fuel. So when we rode back to the truck, about 1 KM out, he passed me! We stopped and he said the power in the top end came back. We continued back to the truck to get something to eat. The bike was working fine.When we were ready to ride again, he test rode it. NO POWER in the top end again. Could this be a clogged main jet in the carb, power valve gummed up problem? OR??? We drained the carb buy the large bowl bolt, we did not see any dirt or anything. We did not want to pull off the bowl and start checking the jets cuz it started to rain HEAVY!. There is no restriction from the fuel petcock to the carb either.
Maybe tomorrow we'll get a chance to pull the carb and take a look.
Any suggestions would be appreciated


Mar 21, 2000
I've seen something like that before (it didn't come and go) ... it ended up being a clogged silencer ... the bike had absolutly NO POWER ... but started and ran fine ... the other thing (if you haven't checked already) is power valve operation ... just pull the cover and rev the bike a couple of times (could be sticking).


David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
First thing I thought was power valves blocking/unblocking the ports as the gear particularly the LHS strips if they aren’t cleaned every so often. Several threads give a detailed diagnosis test.

But could also be water in the fuel, which will give the same WFO spluttering you seem to indicate. Drain the fuel & check. Clean the carb as a matter of course.

Then I would look at the ignition coil to see that it is properly earthed & change the sparkplug cap.

Good luck
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