Mi. Trail Riders
Apr 11, 2001
As a few of you already know, I kinda goofed up my air filter by not cleaning it properly after using No-Toil and as a result, it will probably never become 100% clean. Anyhow, I sent an email to No-Toil to see if they had any other solutions. I just got a reply from them stating that if I promise to only clean it the right way from now on, my new filter is on the way and to throw away the one I trashed. Can you believe that? While I am a little skeptical, this rocks! These guys just got a customer for life. I really like the oil as it is, but this just pushed me over the top. For all of you looking for some new filter oil or just curious, try this stuff. It kicks serious butt(btw, I did think this before that lovely email). BUT, you HAVE to use the No-Toil cleaner. This stuff is ultra-tacky.:)
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