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Jun 10, 2007
I'm new here but not to forums, I ride a yz 85 with my friend just about every week. I went looking for a dirt bike forum because I know forums are great ways to learn about things and this looks like a pretty good forum so I'm looking forward to learning a lot and maybe sticking around for awhile.

I'm looking into buying a 125 now but a honda and yamaha are too big for me still so I am thinking about KTM, I'm going to look at one in the next few days. Anyone have an opinion of me going from yamaha to ktm?

Picts of my bike and my friend's bike (A xr 70 in the picture but he just bought a crf 150 I just don't have any pictures of it yet):


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Jul 3, 1999
Welcome to DRN!

Check out the What Bike Do I Get sub-forum for ...what bike do I get questions.
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