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Mar 9, 2001
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Jul 28, 2000
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Dec 4, 1999
CAUTION- response is meant to stimulate discussion!

Great News

KTM became the first major manufacturer to publicly support an off road organization

More Great News
KTM has decided that the time is now to stand up to the greenies and their attempts to close off public land to off roaders.

Personally, I'd like to see a coalition of OHV users, mountain bikers, hikers and campers join together and keep public lands open for everyone.
<---What is the Blue Ribbon Coalition? ----> :think

He went on to say that there are plans to file suit against the BLM ----< It's about time, use the same tactics right from the Sierra Club handbook ;) >

Question -
"How do ORBA, SDORC, ASA and others work, without being just another organization that wants money?"
DH -
There is good communication between the above mentioned organizations with very little, if any, duplicate work. Results should begin to show up within a year. The more these organizations band together, the stronger they'll be and the more effective they'll become. ,--< meanwhile the funds are being depleted >--:(

In concussion, this is all a great effort, I really hope it works because we can not afford to fund to many more start up -- savior organizations;
From our standpoint here at, the entry of a company the size and influence of KTM into ORBA marks a watershed event in the annals of OHV history. Many of the newer OHV enthusiasts, and even some of the old, remain unaware of some of the trials and tribulations fought by a mere handful of men during the late 70's and early 80's that received no support whatsoever from any of the "major" companies who profited extensively from the "dirt bike" and "4x4" craze.

Rick Sieman (then-editor of "Dirt bike" magazine) and Louis MeKey (the "Phantom Duck of the Desert") waged a virtual war against the seemingly unlimited budget of the Sierra Club and the nearly limitless power of the federal government. Aside from some small financial help, mostly from the industry's smaller companies, these men took on the green juggernaut of the day. And at great cost to themselves personally, financially, and to their families. When Sieman approached the Motorcycle Industry Council armed with the facts and requesting their assistance both financially and as a voice of the industry, the literally closed their doors in his face. Excuses varied, but the bottom line is that while they were willing to profit from their victories, they were unwilling to share in their losses.
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Dec 4, 1999
This is really beginning to get my attention--


OHV groups and their leaders have become organized and united and are gearing up to fight fire with fire. Since litigation works so well for those opposed to OHV recreation, the OHV community feels it has no choice but to enter that arena.
Let's get ready to rumble!

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