Nov 20, 2001
Ok, it seems like we have enough interest in starting a new DRN Chapter! :yeehaw:

Now, I'd like to get input from those interested in this group on the following:

(1) Geography. It seems like it has taken on a CO/NM flavor, but as Tony Eeds mentioned western KS (after all, you HAVE to extend some condolences to riders there), Nebraska (same as above, especially since the 'Huskers are going downhill and dare I say Wyoming? Just keep that in mind when it comes to....

(2) Name. There's been a couple of suggestions, and I'd like to get yours too. We can post a poll and see what sticks, or vote in this thread.

(3) Since the territory is largish (this is the west afterall), what is the preferred communication method. Chat, e-mail, thread? We will have to come together at a meeting (more or less) around 15 March for the 1st meeting to establish who is Pres, VP, Sec, Treas and other duties among other things.

For you guys in the know, let me know if I need to loosen up - I don't want re-create the wheel. Besides, I'm edgy - its 2 outside, about an inch of snow and ice on the ground and I haven't ridden since the end of October, when I went handlebar surfing and broke my collarbone. :ohmy:

Troy aka HomeMadeSin


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Jan 24, 2002
I like mile high for a name, not bad, but the folks out on the plains might not like it as much, Troy, lemme know if you need some help with anything, not much on computer skills but I'll give it a shot. Meeting coulod be in Denver for me, I'm up there a fair amount.


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Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
This thread loose some steam?

How bout "The Scorpions"? - nah, sounds too mean.

"Wild Wild Western Dirtriders"? - nah, sounds like a buncha cowpokes.

"Cactus riders"? - nah, sounds like a buncha pricks. :laugh:

Email, or a thread like this would seem to be o.k. for comunication.

I still need to check out those bylaws. :ugg:

Mebbe "Desert Orphink Dirtbikers"? :joke:
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