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Jan 11, 2010
Well I set my sag and that helped.The clickers on forks(rebound and dampening)where all set all the way soft!!Rear shock was the same thing.I tightened all up to halfway.It was better on jumps but front was real unpredictable and jicky feeling,so I backed the clickers 2 more clicks soft from halfway(front and back suspension)My question is,is there any chart or something from the factory to help me set this thing right?I can play with it all day,but in the end I dont have a clue what Im setting..Any help would be appreciated!!


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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
There's a pretty good tutorial on the MX-Tech website..

Read thru that and you should have a better idea about what the changes are and how they effect how the bike reacts.

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