Sep 19, 2006
Ohhhh nice, fender stickers. What do I have to do for me to obtain some of these? I wouldnt mind riding DRNs name around at all. (I need some cool stickers anyways, I dont have any on there ATM :D )


Sep 9, 2006
Yea same here. Where can i get some? it would make my bike look better.

Is there a stoor or somthing that i can order them from. Or do i have to order them striaght from someone?



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Apr 26, 2004
+1 if they keep their color and don't tear off with the pressure washer.


Yamaha-What'r You Riding?
Oct 29, 2006
Yeah i want one too. I sent mail to minirider today to get a handful of minirider fender stickers

Green Horn

aka Chip Carbone
N. Texas SP
Jun 20, 1999
I expect mine for free.


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N. Texas SP
Nov 25, 1999
In the past, Okie has had to make sure he could sell a whole order. I don't remember the minimum but it's like 50, I think. He has sold them AT or Near cost but that is still a big chunk 'o change out of pocket to get them. By the time you add up Paypal charges, shipping, and the time to stuff the envelopes, you have alot invested in something you don't make much profit on.
That being said, I would like a new set and would gladly pay for them. If, AND I MEAN, if someone where to volunteer to help with the logistics AND put up the cash in advance, AND take full responsibility for the processing, OKIE possibly could be pursueded into "franchising" the order. I personally do not have the time.


OKIE did NOT make this offer! I made the suggestion and OKIE has NO obligation to respond publicly or privately to this. If he feels my reply should be deleted, that's the end of it.
Remember, DRN Logos are copy right protected.

PS: Do a search on fender stickers. You'll find that the logistics are huge. Deliveries not making it to the right place and such. I really have no idea how much time Okie spent on these orders but it had to be considerable. When you look at the threads, you might get a sense of what it takes to pull off an order of 50 from start to finish. Most if not all of the moderators don't have the time to put into this. If I realisticly had the time I would offer to do it myself. My point is this, No one likes to work for free and doing a fender sticker order/delivery for at/near cost is working for free. Okie and the mods put in their time here at DRN for free just to keep things going smoothly. With the upcoming server change, this is likely to be a very busy time for Okie and the Mods.
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