Older bikes as fast as the new bikes ?

May 3, 2002
YZ__rider said:

Seems hard to believe, but this website claims 40 hp on a RM 125, although I have to question the legitimacy of the source.
yeah sales brochures never lie! :rotfl:

37-42hp was typical in a cr250 from the production rule until the reed valve motors. Now that is a 250. the 125 was down about 10hp and about 3/4 the torque!

The 02-07 cr250s are dyno kings, but that related to a pro only powerband on the track and you hear the complaint "weak bottom end". But sweet top end that tore up the dyno numbers. I have a 02cr125. has plenty of top end for sure, but NO torque down low. Even the cart motors are great up top, fall off the pipe and less than 1/2 throttle and you will hit the WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bog city!

Point being, what is printed is not always acurate. HP is not the biggest factor. you can have more HP and still have a crappy motor for the masses. Also torque is just as important as HP, thus the 4stroke bikes!
Jun 14, 2019
The numbers for these bikes are wrong. Most 2 strokes from the 80's up made an honest 50 hp at the flywheel. Since the mid to late 90's up they now claim bikes and most vehicles don't make the claimed horse power due to drive train friction. I say B/S, when an engine comes off a dyno, no matter what it is, that is the engine's horse power rating, period. So you can be proud of your scoot when you go to the track and ride it around like a hero because you are harnessing all that power! Ride on Hero! 1567510958077.png