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He's having a hard time getting on the web, emailed this story and asked me to post it for him:

I thought I would take the time to tell a little of my experience at Dirt Week 2001. Bone and I arrived on Thursday and jumped on our bikes to check the track out. Things were a little muddy, but thats OK, what an awsome track. After my experience last year, I thought it would be neat if my wife and 22 month old daughter (Kayla) came up to watch me race the C class on Saturday. The next thing I know, its Saturday morning and my father, mother, sister, wife, daughter, and father-in-law had drove up a couple
hours to see me. Needless to say, I was quite nervous Saturday morning.

Last year, I was on a 1986 KDX 200 and raced in the woods class. After the 3rd lap I lost a contact and my pipe mount broke, therefore, I was unable to finish. So, here I was this year on my 2001 KX144 and my whole family was here to watch me. None of my family had ever been to watch me ride on a track, let alone race. As race time approached my family took their places in the bleachers. I raced the first heat and all I could see while sitting at the gate was my mom waving her arms real big from across the
track. Next thing I know, the gate has dropped and I am watching my people take off. I think I was about 15 out of the first turn and then I got hung up behind somebody on the second turn and lost a few more places. I knew I needed to do some passing if I wanted to race in the main. Each time I came around the track, I could see my mom, dad, and sister screaming and waving their arms. Its a good thing, because each time around I thought I was exhausted until I looked over and saw them. I ended up placing 15th so
I was able to go to the main. As I drove over to where my mom was she came running up to me and she was crying. She was so excited and happy for me. It was kinda one of those mushy moments.

So the next race, I got a pretty good start and was out of the 1st corner in 5th place. I ended the race in 10th, which I felt was great out of 60 riders for a guy who has never seen the gate drop. My parents were jumping up and down and going crazy. They said next year they will pay my DW02 entry fees, etc.....I would like to thank everybody that was there and I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Thanks to Okie, his family, and all the moderators for making this event a success.

Chad Krumrey


Jul 26, 1999

Please e-mail Chad back and tell him thanks for making me some eggs on Friday morning for breakfast. Thanks. ;)


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Dec 26, 1999


Jun 8, 1999
It was really nice getting to spend more time with Chadk01 this year. This guy had a smile on his face all week long. He is riding under the constant supervision of Tony (Bone) #63 so yall better look out next year. Top 5 here he comes!


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Aug 19, 2000
OK. I'm finally back on the web. TimR , No problem fixing the eggs. You looked like you needed them when you woke up. MikeB, thanks for the comments, Top 5 next year would be more than I could ever ask for. Thanks everybody.:cool: :)
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