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Jul 3, 1999
After owning the Bad Mamma Jamma Yamahmmer for sixteen months now I decided to check the linkage & bearings for the swing arm assembly.

Oooppps!!!! Not good!!!

The bearing sleeves in swing arm (where arm attaches to frame) are scorched on one side of the sleeve and the bearings feel "sandy". Although I can apply grease to the bearings and put the bike back together what I what to do is pull the things and replace with new parts. What I don't know is how to get the bearings out! I looked, poked and prodded but it seems as though a special tool may be required. Is this a correct assumption?

Additionally, since I got this thing all ripped apart now would somebody give me in their best guestimate how much new bearings, sleeves and tool (if required) would cost?



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Dec 10, 2000
I use a long drift punch, reach all the way through to the bearing on the far side and drive it out.

If you take the bearings to a local bearing supply shop, they can match them up, and you will save big bucks over buying OEM bearings.

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