Feb 15, 2006
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any Orlando, FL area riders out there could clue me in on some spots to ride, that are not tracks (trails, open areas, etc.). Recently I was riding at a spot near Sea World on south I-Drive that went along some power lines towards 417. Last week, we were approached by police that said that that area was being developed for condos and that we could get tickets or even arrested for riding there in the future.

Do any Orlando area riders know of anymore spots like this that are good riding spots and are free to ride? I also go to the local tracks (Speed World Bithlo) but was looking for places where I could practice during the week. I have a friend that's new to riding and he's not yet up to riding a track yet so we'd like to find some spots like that place. Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


Aug 5, 2005
The "big" trail places I know of that are legal are the Ocala National Forrest and Croom. Both are better than an hour from Orlando though. However, the track in Lakeland isn't too far from you and they have about 5-6 acres worth of trails and some open fields behind the parking lot. Plus, during the week the track isn't usually crowded at all. They have a pee-wee track he could ride on and their main track was always one of my favorites.
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