Our ability to protect our sports of choice

Apr 23, 2007
Our ability to protect our sports of choice

ok I have seen a lot of post on here atv forums hunting forums gun forums and even fishing forums that these tree hugging hippies are trying to stop everything from hunting to fishing to atving to dirt biking to boats and P.W.C for reasons that go from safety to sound to emissions they went after the two stroke now there all but dead now it is time for them to go after 4strokes because there to loud they go after hunting because it is wrong to kill then they go home and it a steak I had a person tell me we should not hunt because god feeds the animals we hunt but it is ok to eat meat from farms because we take care of them lol is that intelligent

there are a lot of programs out there that are aimed at keeping these people at bay the NRA is a big one now what I feel we all need to do is get the people who own guns dirt bike hunt ride A.T.Vs fish ride boats ride P.W.Cs all together and make one big outdoor sports origination then we would be bigger then any one trying to take these sports away from us even the American tobacco company’s lol and no one could push for stupid laws that take any freedoms away from us that where thought to be god given rights when this great country was lifted out of the ashes that was the Revolutionary war