Mar 9, 2007
Okay, if your a regular around the forum you may recall that I have been having problems with poor handling and speed wobbles. I'm thinking it may be caused by out of balance wheels. Now is there a way to balance motorcycle wheels or should I just buy new tires or something? Thanks in advance


Apr 18, 2006
I doubt that balance would be a problem unless you are having these issues at very high speeds or the wheel is very, very out of balance.

An out of round or bent wheel is a different issue. Set your bike on a stand so that the wheels can rotate freely. Give them a spin and watch closely. Fasten a marker of some sort from the frame to the edge of the wheel rim so that any up/down or left/right motion will be obvious.

If there is a large amount of side to side or up/down motion you may need a new rim. If there is a smaller amount it can be corrected by adjusting the spokes.

I have never been sucessful at adjusting spokes, but it can be done! I recommend taking the wheel to someone who has the gift....


helio lucas

Jun 20, 2007
adjusting spokes consists in:
if the wheel is "bent" for the right side adjust the left ones
if the wheel go up in a place, adjust the spokes at the other side of the wheel (left and right)

i think is quite easy actualy... just a matter of making the first time (takes 10000000 houres) and understanding the theory...

but sometimes could be the tire off the rim... normaly near that thing to input pressure
(i don´t know the word, sorry...)


Aug 21, 2005
If the wheel is out of balance, you can sometimes break the bead and shift the position of the tire on the wheel.

Also, some bicycle shops will true the wheels for you for a fee and if you ask.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
You can improve the balance of you wheels using solder.

Spin the wheel a few times with the bike on a stand.

If the same spot ends up on the bottom each time, that is the heavy spot (usually this will be the rim lock).

Wrap a few loops of thick solder around some of the spokes on the opposite the heavy end.

Spin again. Keep working with the solder loops until the wheel comes to rest at random spots with each spin.

You probably will only notice a difference at high speed and on hard pack surfaces, but it does not take much time and costs nearly nothing.
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