Pants and other gear.

Oct 19, 2006
Got some new gear for my birthday, Oneal Prodigy pants and jersey. It's pretty nice, with big Kevlar pads over the knees. I prefer the metal snaps of my old pants over the Velcro because I feel they are more durable. Too many seams on my old pants had busted open and had to be sewn back shut.
You can get the 2006 stuff on sale for about $60 for the pants right now which is a steal considering list price is $200. Only size 34 was left where I got mine. I feel bad retiring my 6 year old pair of Thor Cor3 pants, they served me well. Now, I just need to retire that pair of gloves purchased at the same time (they're just now starting to show palm but the fingers have been poking through for quite some time). I'll probably be getting a new set of the Fox Pawtectors considering the current pair has served me so well.