Paul Neff's ISDE Brazil Log...


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Nov 13, 1999
NMA racer Paul Neff is in Brazil for the ISDE. He and his family are sending daily reports which I'll post here. Paul's parents and sister are in Brazil with him.

Paul is 16 years old and is on a fast track.

Please put notes in other forums pointing here if you think that is appropriate
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Nov 13, 1999
We Have Arrived 10/28/03

Bon Dia,
Good Morning!!!
Well we made it to Fortaleza. We only had one
major/minor schedule diversion. I guess the plane
that was to take us from Sau Paulo to Fortaleza had
some technical problems so we had to get to Fortaleza
by way of Brazilia. Just added a couple of hours to
our trip.
I have just come in from an early walk on the beach,
5:30am, it is about 75 and balmy with over cast skies.
The beautiful white sand and Atlantic Ocean waves are
spectacular, I am impressed. We have a room
overlooking the beach with two twin beds for the kids
and Scott and I have our own double in a separate room
adjoining. Perfecto for our family.
We surrvived the long flights and we only felt like
killing each other once we got to the hotel, the kids
wanted to get right to playing but we still had
details to handle of course Paul hooked up right away
with Jason Raines, Kurt Casselli, Aaron Wilson and
Eric Bee for some wave jumping, volleyball and
swimming we didnt see him until dinner but Sarah wasnt
as at home. I finally convinced her to go explore the
beach while we arranged the rental car, about a 2
hour ordeal.
The container is here, we will all be in Park Fereme
this morning at 7:30am to unload and get the bikes
Scott is all over the bike preparations and can hardly
wait to see the crate and all that is in it. Like a
kid at Christmas, funny thing is we know what is in
the present. I cant wait to get the peanut butter
Paul is stoked to ride today, he is excited to feel
the sand under his tires but nervous because the dirt
looks loose and dry. All the bench racing discussions
are about filters, air filters, air filters, air
filter. How many did you bring? We have about 15,
good thing could be a hot commodity.
Well friends, I will keep you as up to date as I can
and I look forward to our conversations.
Keep us in your thoughts as we get closer to the big
Thank you for your support
Love you all
Pit tootsie extraordinaire:)
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Nov 13, 1999
Container Day 10/29/03

Bom Diem,
Container day, just like Christmas. The bike survived
great. It was only 45 min and the WR250 was ready to
Fuel if you want to call it that didnt arrive until
Fuel is a big issue, it is not of the quality of US
Paul did get 2 test rides yesterday, the first test he
came back doubting his abilities. The sand is eating
his confidence. He hasnt gone around the track
crashless yet. The second test was better, he has
been getting lots of support from Jason Raines and
they are planning a ride today. Scott has some
carburator work and is confindent today he can at
least make some significant adjustments to get the
motor to at least survive the grueling six days. AMA
is trying to get better gas it is supposed to get here
today, coming by tanker from Southern Brazil.
Sarah and I played in the Atlantic Ocean and pool. I
am already sun burned despite my 50 SPF screen. We
had cultural dance exhibit last night and I had to
show them how to do it right but won a neat souvenir
trophy. My family on the other hand was booking a one
way flight home ASAP, mom not included. Sarah has
video and I will no doubt be blackmailed at the
Cascade Christmas party. Dakota Sorem is caught on
tape too, we may have to defect to Canada together.
Sarah and I are going shopping today, and leaving the
guys to their work. We seem to feel in the way in
Park Ferme.
Sweating and Red in Brazil,


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Nov 13, 1999
Brazil (Note from Paul) 10/29/03

Hey Everyone!
We got the bike out of the crate yesterday, and got it
going. The gas we have today and yesterday is really
bad and it scares me putting it in my bike. The word
is we will get better gas tommorrow, but how much
better no one knows. My first day in the sand was
yesterday, it's tough and I struggled. At first I
couldn't make it around the jetting course without
crashing or getting stuck. I later got my bike jetted
better and did a few laps without crashing. The sand
is about 3-4 feet deep, my bike barely has enough
power to get on top, and when I make a mistake, or
lose momentum it gets ugly. Today riding was much
better. I had the same jetting course and same crappy
gas, but Randy Hawkins and my Dad got my bike jetted
really good, considering the gas. I worked with Jason
Raines for a long time on my riding and made huge
improvements. I stand up to much and need to sit down
almost the whole time. I also don't slow down enough
in the corners, which makes me stick in the sand and
fall. I'm slowing sooner and powering through the
turn which is good, but I still got a long way to be
good at sand. Today was a good day and we made a lot
of progress. We will definately be ready for tech and
impound tomorrow.
Today I body borded in the ocean with Rodney
Smith and Mike Keidrowski. Rodney speaks the language
and any Brazilian will do anything for him or anyone
associated with him. Jason Raines is helping me tons
and is really awsome. I made Stefan Everts crash
today by falling in the sand right in front of him. I
don't think he was to happy but I got out of their
before I found out. He's flying around the sand,
along with our trophy riders. Everthing going all
right here, it's just really different.



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Nov 13, 1999
Sarah's Perspective 10/30/03
Sarah is Paul's sister

IM SO MAD! I just typed out this ultra-long email for you all and right as
i was moving the mouse up to press send the POWER
FLICKERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR. Well ok. this email will never be
as good as the last one but ill do my best. the keyboard is funky because
there is no apostrophe and after jkl on the keyboard is this: ç. hehe im
going to use that now. because its çool. alright, so the flight here, tooo
long. and we got redirected so instead of going to LA, then Sao Paulo, then
Forteleza; we went to LA, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Forteleza. too much
flying. the airline we rode on, Varig Brasil, feeds us so much food. I
mean, we got a meal on the 1 1/2 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Brasilia,
then hopped on a 2 hour flight to Forteleza and got another meal! it was
crazy. I sat by this Italian guy on the way to Fortaleza and I actually
sort of talked to him! using my mad spanish interperetation skills. then
we got to Forteleza and took a bus ride through the city to our hotel. the
city, well, its crazy. its how i would picture mexico. really trashy.
theres trash everywhere and donkeys and goats graze on the side of the
freeway. when you get in town, the houses have no doors and theres tall
brick walls around all the buisnesses and things. on top of the brick walls
theres spikes and broken glass to keep people from climbing over them.
theres children that run rampantly and they all drive like maniacs. were
going into the city in about 30 minutes to some markets to do some shopping.
it should be cool. its 6 hours ahead of you guys, or maybe 5. im not
sure even if the people who live here know what time it is. when we got to
the airport in forteleza some people said it was 2 oclock and some said it
was 3 and no one really knew for sure. so im not entirely sure how far
ahead of you all we are. its 9:34am here so its probably about 3 or 4 am
for you all. thats why no body is signed on to aol instant messenger. 3 am
on a wednesday morning.... hmmm. annnyway, then we got to the hotel. its
insanely pretty here. out the balcony of our room is a beautiful view of
the oçean. and the water is SO warm. im guessing about 80 degrees F, but
it definitely cools you off. its so hot here that i cant even believe it.
i put sunscreen on



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Nov 13, 1999
Day of sand practice , jetting and shopping 10/30/03

Bom Diem friends and supporters,
Today Sarah and I left the guys alone and hired a
driver and went shopping. We went to the Mercado
Central in downtown Fortaleza. This is a huge three
level craft market. The sellers are worse than any
telemarketer and will not take no for an answer. I
was forced to buy some straw hats, but I only paid him
a third of what he asked. It was ambarrassing and
The market has hand made items like hammoks, lace,
cashews and other local nuts, of course the regular
tshirts and sarrongs, lots of leather shoes, purses
and such. We see lots of precious stones like
amathyst, jade, crystsl. We also went to a large
mainstream mall, very fancy better than any mall we
have in US. Actually it was very similar to the mall
of America I went to while in Minnesota. The funnest
part of that was going to a large grocery store, I
want to go back when I have more time. The Brazilian
packaging is very different I bought 45 liters of
water and will need more by friday. I severely
underestimated the amount of water it would take to
keep my family of four hydrated. Right now in the
first 4 days we have used 35 liters. Amazing! We are
figuring just for Pauls camel backs we will use 5
Yesterday the boys made amazing strides, I am happy to
see Pauls confidence rising. He is believing in
himself again, he is joking around and happy again.
Meal times are cool for me to sit back and watch my
kids interact with all these great people. I love my
kids, they are so fun, I so proud of the people they
have become, (tear).
Alan Deyo from Idaho has been adopted as our families
Grandpa, on our flight from Sau Paulo to Brazillia the
ticket checker came to us and collected all our
tickets to make flight changes and after a few minutes
looked at me sadly puzzled and said, I am having
trouble keeping you all together as a family I may
neet to seat your grandpa in another row away from
you. hehehe so from that poing on we have called him
Grandpa Alan and Paul said at dinner last night he
will forever now call him that. Alan has 3 six days
under his belt and will be #377 our last US rider.
Last night at the team meeting the director for the
OLN coverage filled us in on their plan. Outdoor Life
Network will have a team of 12 reporters and cameras
covering this event. It is going to be fum, I will
keep you posted of this.

More later,
Mommy Neff
Nov 19, 2001
That's outstanding. Thanks MACE!! Best reading I've had in a long time. Tell them thanks and keep 'em coming.


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Nov 13, 1999
Impound Day 10/30/03

Bom Noche,
We are impounded!! Paul and Scott impounded today and
all went well. Lots was done before the big moment.
Paul got a few more laps around the practice sand
track and they made some minor adjustments with the
jetting. We bought tires today, Trailborg tires.
Paul changed those today and is very proficient at
changing the mousses (or is it meeces) I will let
Scott fill you in on the other doings of Impound as I
missed it because they went in early.
I found out today that I am the cook and will be in
Park Fermme preparing spaghetti for all the guys to
eat when they finish. Carol would you email me your
Not a very eventfull day will write again soon.

Gary B.

Apr 17, 2000
Good Stuff! :thumb:


die you sycophant !
May 22, 2000

Please convey my wishes for a good safe ride to Paul and his family.

We really appreciate his positive attitude and modesty and hope he does well in the event.


Aug 12, 1999
Awesome emails and info about whats going on! I am so psyched for all the riders at ISDE -- especially the US riders! What a cool event to participate in!
It's too bad we gotta wait until later in the year to see any of it on TV -- it'd be so cool if we could get even a half hour a day... kinda like they did for the Paris-Dakar race.
Best wishes for a great ride, and keep the emails coming!


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Nov 13, 1999
Things are changing daily/hourly 11/01/03

Well, things are constantly changing. Two days ago
the organizers had a big parade planned, the logistics
of this plan made no sense to me. All the riders from
every country were all in concenses that it was a
stupid idea, so it changed to just a party for the
pilots/riders that fell through too. So I have no idea
what the opening ceremony will change to tonight.
The US riders all got an hour today to work on their
bikes since we all impounded on our bikes on time as
planned then things changed. No other countries had
impounded and the decision makers changed impound to
open impound, just impound before sunday at noon.
At least we got the hour promised.
I met my supervisors family today. Frank used to live
in Tacoma and has been here in Brazil for 6yr. Sarah
and I went to a small villiage of Priahna not far from
the hotel. Frank and his wife teach english here and
have sponsored a young kid from a very poor family.
She pays for his computer classes and teaches him
english. We went to this families home, it has a
million dollar view but no running water and only one
room. 9 people live in this house, 7 children and mom
and dad, the dad is blind, this was a very humbling
experience. The thing I noticed was that family was
happy and the kids were helpful appreciative and
respectful, cant say that about some of the kids who
have everything in america. This family has nothing
but a view of the most beautiful beach I have ever
Dinner time,
see you soon
Sep 12, 2003
Thanks for the posts Beth. Wow , Paul has sure become a great rider. I remember not too long ago he was riding the KX 80 I sold him... Tell him to ride safe. Sand is soft.. Throttle on Paul...