PDS 2 stage rebound


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May 16, 2002
Jeremy ; I sometimes wondered f it would be beneficial to convert the top piston rebound check plate to a 2nd stack. The area where I thought it would benefit would be in rocks and roots where you want a quick recover from small jarring and then you could have a 2nd stage where the spring is more compressed and more rebound is needed to control springs energy . I tried it on a older 99 shock but we really couldnt tell much difference deep in the stoke while riding but you could feel a definite improvement in recovery after rocks and roots. Where youd have to run more reb you could turn out a bit less and or run a lighter primary stack ,seemed pretty effective (purpose intent) but we scrapped the idea because not enough timeto keep testing it and the riders that we were helping only really needed it for Rocky stuff most of the time they were concentrating on whooped out sandy enduro stuff but actually I thought it kinda coulfd help there also(reduce packing) Couldnt really test it on a Real dyno like a Rohrig but Ive got one of those air dynos where we measured the stroke of the shoch proportionate to thre area where the needle came in and compatred and pre needle shaft speeds were faster. I also tried to limit rebound check bleed and felt that might be easy , or maybe like jetting the piston itslf. I feel this is an area overlooked with WP . Think about it another way to tune system even more position sensitive. I think you should push your needle development and maybe market your own MXTECH grinds. :aj: