Nov 26, 2000
After a few calls and a lot of emails, It appears no one in Australia makes an alloy pipe guard for the KDX200 anymore.
I believe KDX's are more popular in America, and therefore so are the accessories. How much does a pipe guard cost in $US, and would there be a manufacturer prepared to ship one down under?
I am also having difficulties getting frame guards for the 2000 model. The '99 model's won't fit.
Is there a good accessory shop on the Internet I could try for these things?

Any help would be appreciated


May 15, 2001
Well, lets see

Australia?:scream: Well, I live in America so I don't know if theses places ship down under, but give em a try! and um, Jeff Freddete Racing; But about the pipe guard? I know Devol makes one, it is aluminum I believe, as well as Freddete, Kevlar I think? and E-line: Carbon Fiber. About the frame guards, I am not sure why they would not fit, as the frame has not changed. Maybe the guards were messed up?:eek:
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