Pipes-something new


Nov 11, 2001
I have been looking to upgrade the old 94 KDX to a new 220 for the slimmer seating position and better ergo's but have run into a unseen problem.Took my friends 220 with a FMF pipe(not sure which model) for a ride in the trails and noticed that the pipe stuck out so far under the rad that it prevented me from getting a good grip on the tank with the right leg.Is this common with all the aftermarket pipes for the late model bikes or just a certain model from FMF ?Seems like you have to hold your leg(top of the right boot)against the pipe,meant for a hot leg after awhile.I know I should be standing most of the time in the trees but sometimes you have to use the seated position, just can't help it.
So my big question is,are any of the other pipes on the market tucked in any better?
Unfortunatly I did not think to look at some of the other KDX's that were out today to see if this was a common problem.
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