Pismo Beach/Oceano Dunes Needs YOUR Help !!


Mar 20, 2001
Sierra Club and the Enviromental Defense Center are going after the Oceano Dunes again!

A meeting is going on as I type to decide whether the beach will be open, closed or restricted over the July 4th weekend.

Compromise is no longer an option...we are prepared to fight...but we need...


Please go to Http://oceanodunes.org and
get info on how to donate and sign up to show support.

Please help us get the word out!

This is serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KLX Spode

Feb 29, 2000
The unfortuanate part about this is that the Sierra Klub has gotten one of the more brain-dead members of the City Council to basically hollow out her head and istall the Sierra Klub in palce of ther brain! They found the weakest link in the chain and broke it wide open! It's already a forgone conclusion that the dunes will be severely restricted for "breading Plovers" (or whatever the heck the name of the bird is they are trying to "protect"). They have shut down several sectons of the beach and dune areas already and intend to shut down more. The citizens of the Five Cities area (Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Grover City, Oceano and Aroyo Grande) have sat back and let this happen with little to no support for the users of the Dunes. Let's see how up in arms they get when the area begins to shrivle and die as the economic suppport that the off-roaders give to those communities dies as well. That area makes the majority of its coin off of the recreational usage of the Dunes and when that goes, so does their economy, and I'm sure the Sierra Klub will have packed up and gone never to be heard from again!

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