Pittsburgh and Western PA riding areas?


Mar 27, 2000
When my busted collarbone finally heals I'm making the switch from track to trails. I have some small trails behind my house but I'm looking for something a little bigger and more challenging.

Does anyone know of some trails to ride around these parts?

Thanks in advance,


May 2, 2000

I've been doing alot of trail riding this year too, as opposed to track. Heres some cool places.

Take rt 60 to Monaca exit, go south on 18 for about 2 miles. you'll see Potter Beer dist on your left hand side. If you drive behind it, you'll see a trail going up the hill. Drive your truck to the very top of the hill (it gets steep) and park there. There's a whole system of trails that go in a bunch of directions.

Theres a TON of trails off of rt 30 near Imperial. Findlay twp area. Theres a pull off where it looks like they've been strip mining and some other construction.

There's a cool place in Wellsville, OH called Yellow Creek. I'm not sure if its still open as there were some rumors of it being shut down. Directions are hard to explain but if you go to Wellsville, they'll know about it. its about 700 acres.

good luck

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