Apr 27, 2001
AFTER a month of some wicked wrenching on my pals bus, he showed up at my place for an inspection of the work in progress & kidnaped me for an outing / excursion to what is left of the jawbone cyn riding area.
Our ride started out well as we made our way to the piutes, then we ventured up into the clouds as some strong winds dropped the temp to the low 40's. all was good on several demanding sections of single track, then our route took us down, down, down, a big drainage to a place we all knew we had been before, but no one recognized. The reason being that we were in the remnants of huge mud & boulder flows that had destroyed about 2 miles of trail & raised the canyon floor elevation by as much as 30 feet in some spots. We found & picked up the trail at a grade called "Mitch" better named BITCH! Some of the guys in our group proceeded with out difficulty, except myself..... after 8 attempts, & 5 pounds of weight loss, I was only 60% of the way up.
Thanks to my pal Dodger, I did not camp at that spot for the night. The dodger rescued me & it took him another 7 tries to get up that bitch, which was the only route out of that drainage. All was good from that point on with the exception of being soaked in sweat & freezing my ars off, as I made my way back to camp & some warmth other than the radiators on my ride.& 7 1/2 hours ride time, 85 miles.
After 2 hours back at camp my hands regained both feeling & movement, thankfully I'm here to tell the tale. Best Regards! :rotfl:

P.S. I knew this was going to be good when I was handed an extra liter of fuel to tape to the rear fender,( the bike already has a large tank). The cold would have been a non issue had my gortex coat not been left in my truck, It's now in my gear bag for our next adventure.
Recovery time to feeling normal...... 4days.
Again, someone asked me, "you didn't go riding with those guys did you?" :bang:
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Jan 27, 2000
Awesome report Porkchop. :cool:

Glad I missed it. ;)
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