please hurry, FMF powercore silencer removal


May 16, 2001
i have removed all 3 screws in my powercore silencer(minus the 2 rivets on the endcap) in an effort to replace the silencer packing. However the can will not slide off for anything....we have set it in a vise and pulled and hammered and alittle bit and everything, it looks like there is some silicone and we have tried using an exacto knife to remove that as well and it still wont budge. Any tricks to getting it off or am i just gonna have to knock the snot out of it??


PS. when putting the rubber thing back on the pipe, will regular high temp silicone work? and do the surfaces need to be really clean?


Apr 13, 2001
Same problem

I had the same problem with my ProCircuit Silencer.
I used a small punch and tapped the core out thru the screw holes, working
my way around. I wouldnt want to do it this was very often as it
might damage the threads. I emailed Pro Circuit but they
never responded.
Anyone have any tips??


Jan 7, 2001
I'm having the same trouble with my stock honda silencer. The last time I did it is wouldn't budge. A friend told me to spray WD40 into the end cap to loosen the carbon at the core end cap junction. Worked great that time, but now I can't get it to come apart that way this time. I just put the end into a bowl of mineral spirits to soak overnite. I'll let you know if that works.
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