Pointed CRF fender on 97 CR250, Can it be done


Jul 15, 2007
Hi i recently saw a 2000 CR500 with a newer crf450 pointed fender on it. It looked great, made the bike look so much newer. I have a 97 cr250 and I would LOVE to do this. Does anyone know if it bolts up and if not what mod has to be done to make it fit.

Also would i get a crf250 or 450 and what year. If the bolt holes are the only part that dont line up then thats not a problem but it needs to fit between the forks etc.

Thanks :ride:


Jan 27, 2000
The hole pattern is the same and it will fit between the forks. I installed one on my XR350 Honda with a '88 CR250 front end. Had to add a couple of washers on the rear mounting bolts to get the right angle on the fender and had to trim a little off of the back of the fender to clear the pipe. Other than that, it fits good and looks good. :cool: The CRF250 and CRF450 are basically the same fender.
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