Apr 5, 2003
Was riding my 2002 KDX200 today in 6th doing around 100-110 kmh on a slight uphill when the engine suddenly stopped and the rear wheel locked. Somehow I didn't crash and managed to pull over. Not knowing what had happend i kicked it a few times but it wouldn't start.
I checked the spark plug, looked alright with a nice tan color and was giving a blue spark. Check the carb bowl and fuel came out.This leads me to think that it's seized, but the weird thing is that it still kicks over easily.I put a compression testor on it later at home and got only 60psi, although it was cold.
Could it be a partial seizure thats screwed my rings? Or something else?
Also this was my 2nd ride with a new procircuit pipe, but it still has the stock jetting, and the bike only has 900k's on it.
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