Feb 1, 2008

I recently purchased a used 2006 YZ 250.

I took the whole thing apart for cleaning and inspection. Unfortunately, before I read the details about using the little pin when removing the power valve, I did it without the pin. (I learned of the pin upon reassembly)

The manual only says damage WILL occur if the pin is not used. Can someone out there tell me what happens if the pin is not used. The guiloteen part of the valve seems to work fin manually, however the guides to not move enough to get the side valve moving when I operate them by hand.


Jan 9, 2005
If you don't use the pin or something it's size in it's place you can bend the actuator rod when you torque the nut.

If that didn't happen then your OK.

Look up the exhaust port and confirm that the valve is closed, put the pipe on and start it up with the right side actuator cover off. If it moves as you rev the engine it's working. :cool:

I hope that helps you...
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