Dec 31, 1969
Here is the list as of today, still more stuff coming from MX South, Service Honda, RG3 and Emig Racing, but... this will give you an idea of how, when and what's going to happen. You'll get your tickets in your envelope at sign-in.

Don't forget to get with Mully for the Generac Power Washer raffle to benefit CobraKid! We'll be adding more stuff to this raffle as well, stay tuned. Tickets are $1, or 6 for $5. Drawing will be Saturday at 6 PM. Thanks to Mike Zimmerman for the Generac donation!

The big drawing, Saturday 6:00 PM, during Trophy Presentations:

a) $500 & 250 Plano gift Certs
b) Asterisk Cell Knee Braces (pair)
c) NoFear Wheelie Bag
d) 3 pairs of Oakley Sunglasses (cool stuff!)
e) 2 $75 gift certs to MX South

3) At the rider's meeting each morning: (we'll draw 16 names each morning) :

a) 5 pairs of goggles (4 Oakley & 1 Smith with roll-offs)
b) 24 cans of Twin Air Filter Oil
c) 10 Pro Circuit backpacks
d) 10 ProCircuit "Anatomy of a Winner" CDs

4) Oldguy's "Ticket Hunt" Friday. (Oldguy will be "hiding" envelopes all over the place, find 'em and win something)

a) 3 Boyesen "Flex grips"
b) 6 TwinAir Filters
c) 5 water pump covers
d) 5 Pro Circuit Back Packs

We will also set up a Table of goodies... folks can just grab something... hopefully, everyone leaves with at least "something".

a) FMF stuff (hats, shirts, posters, water bottlles, lanyards)
b) 29 pairs of grips
c) 15 Pro Circuit Licence Plate Frames
d) 16 Videos

MX-Tech is donating a complete suspension rebuild-revalve for one lucky person.... drawing details to follow.

Like I said there is a lot more to add, we've got a LOT of stuff this year, thanks to all the sponsors, they really stepped-up this year!

Special thanks to Thump and the moderators for helping put this group of sponsors together, make no mistake, the phones have been worked hard to get this done. Thanks mod dudes and dudettes! :)


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Sep 9, 2000
Yes, Thank you everyone for the time spent on this and for the donations! :)

Only 9 more days til i get to leave for Dirtweek! Yippee


Mar 7, 2001
YES! Thanks to EVERYONE who has had a hand in getting this whole event together! AND thanks to ALL the sponsors!!!!!! It is sure to be a great event with everlasting memories!! one thing for me is that it will be my first time doing any type of racing! hopefully not the last! most likely just hare scramble type events...


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Oct 23, 2000
As time approaches I get more and more keyed up. My original plans have now changed. I will start getting ready on Sunday. While it will still be Wednesday afternoon before we leave I will be ready to go on Sunday night. Is that premature packing? I've always had that problem when I get excited.


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Nov 25, 1999
Would you like to re-phrase this?

Is that premature packing? I've always had that problem when I get excited.
:p :think

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