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Oct 18, 2000
Does anyone have the T4 exhaust on the 2001 Husky 4 strokes? What's your opinion of it?
I've read 2 magazine test articles on the bikes and they both had the exhaust fitted before the test began so there is no comparison to go by.
Are they actually availible through regular retail? They're not listed on the Web site or any of the distributers. I've emailed Pro Circuit and asked, but didn't recieve a reply.

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Sep 3, 1999

I don't have one on my 01 TE400, but I have rode a TE570 stock and with the T4 on it. To me it really opened up the motor. It seemed to be a overall power gain with more pull on the top. I wish I could give you more, but I didn't have much time on the bikes. It was the bike(TE570) I rode that sold me on the TE. If you do go with the T4 give a report on what you think of it.
You may also what to checkout the Up-Tite pipe. I have read good things about it.




Oct 31, 2000
i have a big gun on my 00" TE410 what an improvement. i dont know how pro circut is , big gun specalizes in 4 strokes. its up to you. i saw an incrediable power gain by installing the big gun exhaust




Apr 15, 2000

I don't know if Husqvarna made very many changes to their four stroks. I have a '98 TE410 with a Big Gun that I'm very happy with. There is more power everywhere with no change in the power characteristics. It still pulls like a tractor down low and revs to the moon. It also come with seveal options for silencers, open w/o a spark arrester for closed course, a racing spark arrester for those who like to race (mine), and a quite core spark arrester for those who want it.

If I put a new pipe on either of my DRs I'd go with the Big Gun again.


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