Problems with new stator in my 2003 RM 250 HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, I just bought a new electro sport stator for my 2003 RM 250, I was told it would be a direct bolt on replacement and would not need an after market fly wheel. When I first tried to install it I noticed the back plate was not machined rite it would not fit over the little hump that the left side crank seal goes into. So I cut all the wires on both my old stator and new stator and rewired the new stator on my old stator back plate, I soldered all points extremely well and used heat shrink tubing on all the connections.

Now I have my bike running again but its not running rite, I have checked all my connections and there exactly the way they should be. When I start the bike it runs fine in neutral but it’s when I put it in gear and start to ride it it has a horrible bobble at low rpm. Then it starts to clear up at high rpm in second gear but still has a bad stumble at low rmp its like a surging, it cuts on and cuts off. It’s the worse in 1st gears its cuts on cuts off almost as if you were pushing on the kill switch every second.

Does any one have any experience with Electro sport stators on the RM 250? If so please speak up I need some help badly on this. :(

Buy the way I'm using a br8eg NEW NGK spark plug, gap is 0.6mm.
Was the stator place on the right grroves. I have never work on newer 250 from zuk, but on the older 125s the back plate has grooved/slotted holes for bolting it up. If it is not at the right groove then you might have advanced or retarded your timimg a little bit.
Everything is aliened perfectly, the bike revs up grate when it’s not in gear but as soon as you put it in gear and start to take off fast it will start to bobble. It runs strong at mid RPM in fact it runs so good at MID rmp it will lift the front end up its only at lower rpm and higher rpm that it stumbles like your pushing the kill switch.

I checked the throttle control sensor and its working fine, it must be the stator/CDI/coil but I can’t test those because I don’t have a peak voltage tester. I also checked the power jet and it to works perfectly. :|


I had this problem as well. Try adjusting the clutch cable because my problem was that the clutch was still somewhat engage so it didn't go until rev's got higher.
MeanorMX said:
I had this problem as well. Try adjusting the clutch cable because my problem was that the clutch was still somewhat engage so it didn't go until rev's got higher.

AH NO lol I WISH THAT WAS THE PROBLEM lol but it ant, I have the clutch perfectly set just were a nickel will fit in-between the clutch lever and the perch. Mid RPM is the only RPM the bike runs good at, I bought this bike as a basket case and did a complete restore on it. When I bought it the piston was cracked in the middle so I never did hear it run until I rebuild the motor so I have no clue if the CDI or COIL is going all I know is the stator definitely was not working.

I bought an Electro sport stator for it and now it runs but like a$$ at high rpm and low rpm. What I don’t get is it revs fine and sounds grate when it’s not in gear or under a load, it’s almost like when it’s under a load the spark is not good enough to burn the fuel. It does run grate at mid rpm and I pulled the pipe off and looked in and the piston is flawless same with the cylinder I KNOW ITS NOT A FUAL PROBLEM! It also has a brand new 2004 cylinder.

I have some before and after picks of my bike I will try and post them here you guys will see what im talking about when I say I restored it lol, if I cant find a spot to host my picks can someone post them for me?
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My rm 250 3580.jpg

here it is after I restored it :yikes:

what the rm looked like befour I rebuilt it 11171.jpg

There it is before I restored it :coocoo:

rm being rebuild 2150.jpg

I completely rebuilt the motor nothing was left untouched, all new bearings I also cleaned up the engine cases there were stand and ugly looking NOT NO MORE lol

my rm 1.jpg

I built most of the bike in the house, lol and no I didnt paint the frame in the house.

I also had to make a new peace for the sub frame as it was damaged from the first owner going over in a wheelie, I then had it professionally welded on when I was done with it the sub frame looked 100% factory 100% straight.

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My bike 11.jpg

And here is my baby this is why my name is crf450guy514 loll I bought it brand new in late 2002 "its a 2003" I ride it every weekend, I took this pick only 2 months ago. I truly love that bike SOOOOO durable and fun to ride I will never sell it. I know what your thinking I ride like a ***** lol well I ride it hard every week.

Me in the air on my bike218.jpg

See its not a show bike ;) 90 feet of table top cleared. At one time it was over a 110 feet but the track owner didn’t want people killing themselves so he cut it back down to 90 feet witch I think sucked.
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