Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Hey folks, a little reminder to check them out and post up your own reviews.

I noticed a thread on boots in the Reviews & Q's forum and was struck by the fact that although Okie gave Angel some very good info on where to find an article about boots (TMX) the mag is not available in Spain and the article apparently is not on the web site.

I am willing to bet that with as many members as we have here we have many more opinions than the numbers show in the product review database.

Step up, add a review, help your fellow man, especially those outside the US that might not have access to the various rags. Nevermind the fact that the opinion of a core rider (us) is IMHO worth more than all the ink put out yearly on a product.


Oct 11, 2004
Yes, Toni, I think that opinion from users is very important and useful when yo want to buy something. Okie gaves me a good info that I is not possible to found in any magazine here.
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