Apr 3, 2001
Maybe this should be advanced but I think its a MOD.

Ok as we PW50 fathers/Mothers know if it rains the PW50 does not run or will die when reved.

what I want to do is By pass the stupid start/run/off switch because thats where one of the problems start.

Its seems that I might be able to get away with a 2 kill switch system rather then that start/run/stop switch.

It will not start if its in run but if in start , it will start but not Run.

Question is.
do you think I can add a start Button so then once its started let off the button so that its in RUN. then add a kill button to shut it off.

even if I have to toggle switch I need to do something to water proof this bike.



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Oct 12, 2000
I would think it would work. I don't know how the wireing is set up on that bike but taking the switch out a using a kill switch shouldn't make a difference. But for a start button I don't know how that works. good luck if it work I know someone that wants somthing like that done to there kids bike.


Aug 5, 2001
hydrophobic PW50s

My experience is that the PW has a very unprotected wiring harness, and that the lack of a rear half on the front fender pumps substantial amounts of water into the wiring bundle near the carb. Careful waterproofing of these connections and the connections behind the front number plate will allow it to run on wet days. I used a tube of electrical waterproofing goo from an auto supply and heat shrink tubing,along with spray sealer, scraps of inner tube and tie-wraps. Then it becomes a matter of cleaning out the mud that clogs the cylinder finning to avoid overheating.

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