Oct 3, 2002
You might recall me complaining about my soon to be 7 yr old squashing the swingarm on some jumps. So I fixed it and we went out trail riding last weekend. Let me tell you that a PW80 is a great trail bike!

Because it has nice smooth power delivery and no clutch, my boy is able to take on mud holes, ruts, and steep hills without a whimper. And I mean trails that would concern a beginner adult.

As I sat there and watched him I was astonished and sooooo proud of how far he's come in one year of riding. Yeah, some of his pals are racing on 50s and 65s. But none of them could hang with my boy out in the woods. :thumb:

(Sorry.... just had to brag to someone!)


Mar 30, 2002
Oh yeah, I had a PW80 when I was 8. Believe me I took that thing up some pretty nasty hills and it just keeps on chuging. When I got stuck it pulled my dad pretty good too. The 80 is an underappreciated bike with a low price.


Hot Sauce
Oct 28, 2001
Hey Crim,
I know the feeling :thumb:
2 weeks ago i taught my freinds daughter how too ride a z-50, 3speed automatic.. Last week she begged me too take her on a trail, we had a BLAST :) Aint it cool too see them accomplish :thumb:


Sep 19, 2002
Ride ON !

I have had the exact same experience with my son.

I considered the XR80 for my son moving from a 78 Z50 but I figured he had enough to worry about without adding a clutch. There is no way he could have even thought of tacking some of the trails we have if a clutch was involved. This bike is so forgiving even if he forgets to shift down it still goes.

The best thing I did was to drop the front sproket down 2 teeth. I know it seems drastic but it was an excellent choise he can now climb steep nasty rock, rooted trails with ease. 1 gear is way too high stock. We recently did some fire road riding and he was able to maintain 40Kms speeds without reving too high and being able to maintain on some decent hills.

The PW80 is a Great Trail machine for small riders.


Apr 17, 2001
My8 yr.old son has a BW80-same as the PW, but has big fat tires on it.They only made them 3 yrs.He also has a race ready KX60 and is soon to get a KX65.

Any time the terrain is extremely sandy, it is hard to beat that BW80. He is currenty leading the 0-11yr old class in our Enduro series. I have actually heard people say that he has an unfair advatige w/ that bike! I'll probably keep it forever as a pitbike after he grows tired of it.

I would like to get a better airbox and pipe for it though. I am going to do the simple suspension mods that were mentioned here. He loves to jump and bottoms it pretty hard.Then I make him ride the KX.


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