Sep 3, 2001
So I have a new bike with Marzocci 45mm forks. The HSCD seems stiff over square edged bumps, yet I can get them to bottom a bit more than I'd like over jump landings. I am running the comp clicker all the way out, the rebound is at 14 clicks and I am happy with the rebound action so far. I have added 10cc of oil to help with the bottoming, but have a few questions:

1. What does the comp clicker adjust, HSCD, LSCD or both?
2. Are springs interchangeable with any common forks, Showa Kayaba etc
3. Is a re-valve/shim needed to accomplish my goal of softer HSCD while maintaining LSCD about where it is?

These forks come stock with 7.5 wt oil, I was thinking going with lighter weight oil would soften everything up but this may or may not be a logical tool to use.

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